We believe in providing total solution, from layouts to desired results, incorporating technical and non-technical services and processes. And hence, we offer Turn-Key-Projects. An initiative that gives you the pleasure and convenience of focus on your core aims, while leaving all other worries to us. A service that helps you get exactly what you want, without stretching your limits.

Desfab has already completed many Turn-Key-Projects in India, Nepal etc. “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” is indeed the best phrase suiting the birth and development of this particular division that takes in account the vast experience of Desfab’s foray in the Indian market and gels it with the latest and best available in the industry to suit the system requirements. Quite certainly, as is always said that “the best of cameras cannot produce the best of pictures”, Desfab was ventured into this arena because it felt that minor changes in a layout and selection of the most appropriate rating of auxiliary items could bring about an increase in the productivity from a Steel Plant and that too at no extra cost! Today, Desfab stands apart from the crowd because of the vision, knowledge and experience in handling such projects. It is an initiative that gives you the pleasure and convenience of focusing your energies on the the other aspects of your project, while leaving all your Steel Plant “worries” for us. As of date, Desfab has successfully commissioned complete Turnkey Projects in various places in India.

The broad scope extends from layout designing to choreography and inter-linking various sections like furnace room, electrical room, water complex, shed, raw material & finished good handling etc. and it includes, but is not limited to, imparting training to clients’ engineers and other non-technical activities like recruiting the right manpower and process for the plant and system at large. Every aspect of this activity can be discussed because in this case, we are out to fulfill the expectations and these can be limitless!!

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DESFAB Infratech Pvt. Ltd., an enterprise promoted by RM Bhargava, was established in 1988 and has over the years stayed abreast of the changing technologies and needs in the field of design, fabrication, erection and commissioning.

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